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Category: Children
Ref. 8107
Recommended age: 3+
Box size: 30x30x4cm
Cognitive aspects: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6

With this wooden calendar, you can practice the days of the week, the months, the hours, the seasons of the year and the weather.

Cognitive aspects

We have based this proposed classification of toys on recent studies and investigations, as well as recent domestic and international classification systems. Our proposal aims to be coherent, unified and practical at all times.

Visual perception: Perceptual ability to visually differentiate the objects multiple characteristics.
Motor skills: Ability to perform different movements with adequate precision.
Hand-eye coordination: The ability to synchronize visual perception with precise manual movement.
- Concrete: Ability to select forms, categories and objects, and then link them together.
- Abstract: The ability of thought to systematically analyse the possible combinations of elements or ideas to discover specific relationships.
Concentration: Ability to detach oneself and keep the focus on certain elements.
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