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Color Line

Category: Children
Ref. 332
Recommended age: 5+
Num. of players: 2-4
Box size: 28x28x10cm
Psychopedagogical aspects:
Visual spatial Manual skil STREAM

A game involving action and speed. Ring the doorbell if you want the ball that has come out of the ball holder, be the first to complete your colour line, have a good think about if you want the ball as you will lose one of the ones you already got if you get it wrong.

Psychopedagogical aspects

We have based this proposed classification of toys on recent studies and investigations, as well as recent domestic and international classification systems. Our proposal aims to be coherent, unified and practical at all times.

Visual spatial
Imagination and creativity
Cooperation and leadership
Verbal expression and communication
Optical-manual coordination
Manual skil
Spatial awareness
Global motor skills
Problem solving and creative thinking
Video Tutorial
Psychopedagogical material

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